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Top 10 Tips for Cloze Activities

A cloze activity contains sentences with missing words. Instead of words, there are blanks where the words should be.

This post explains how to create a cloze activity in Easiteach and suggests ten tips you could use to get more out of the activity.

Basic tools

Cloze Tool

Click on the cloze button to activate it. The cursor will update to show that the cloze tool is active. Next, click the words you want to remove – these are removed and replaced with a standard-sized line (irrespective of the number of characters in a word, so it isn’t easy to guess the answer).

Word Wallet

The word wallet is a temporary store for words and punctuation which can be dragged onto Easiteach pages. Any word removed by using the cloze tool is automatically added to that page’s word wallet. To view the word wallet click on the word wallet button to display it.

Items in the word wallet can be dragged back into existing text where an underscore exists.

Top 10 Tips

1. You do not have to use the cloze tool for passages of text. You could use it for individual words, such as labelling a diagram or, even simpler, names of animals written next to their pictures!

2. You can also use the cloze tool for simple maths questions, by removing numbers from equations, such as ___ + 3 = 15, 34 x 3 = ___

3. You might want to make the activity easier by showing the lengths of the missing words. If you want to make the gaps bigger, just add more underscores to the textbox in the appropriate place. (The extra underscores disappear once you drag a word in from the word wallet.)

4. You may choose to have the word wallet closed initially, having the students try to recall words from memory. Open the word wallet later if students need it.

5. Extra words can be added to the word wallet by typing into the input field and clicking ‘Add’ – you might choose to add some red herrings or homophones.

6. You might want the students to type in their own words and not give any choices. To remove all words from the word wallet, click the ‘Clear’ button.

7. By default words in the word wallet are shown in the order that they are removed. To randomise the order of the words in the word wallet click ‘Randomise’.

8. If a student has chosen an incorrect word from the word wallet, you will want to remove it so that he can have another go. Rather than bringing up the cloze tool (if it isn’t handy), you can quickly click the Undo button which is always on your menu bar – this will put the incorrect word back in the word wallet.

9. If you want the removed words to appear in a different size, font, or colour, you can highlight and change them before using the cloze tool. Words in the word wallet all appear the same, but once you drag them back onto the page, they will revert to their original size, font, or colour.

10. Suppose you have a passage of text in another program (e.g. a Word document or a website) that you want to use in Easiteach. Rather than copying and pasting the text, you can simply select the passage you want and drag it onto a blank Easiteach page.

There you have it. Have fun with the Easiteach Cloze Tool.

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