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Maths Ideas – Secondary

There are so many great resources freely available to support the teaching of Maths, we’ve shared some via Twitter @easiteachau. Here are some ideas for how to use them within Easiteach.

Khan Academy provides free videos and practice questions on a wide range of maths topics at different levels, most suited to secondary. The knowledge maps are an interesting visual representation of how topics links together and they have practice exercises that can be taken on-line.

In your web browser select a video or knowledge map appropriate to your topic.

Use glass-mode to screen capture an image of the site and paste onto an Easiteach page.

Then select the accelerator menu, action, link to web page and paste the URL. Then when you click on the image in ‘play mode’ the browser will open and take you directly to the video or knowledge map.

You could create a series of links within an Easiteach file and circulate to students working in pairs or groups to scaffold sites for revision or research.

The National Grid for Learning Cymru have some excellent interactive resources on enlargement for use at Year 8 and 9 Geometric Reasoning. The resources enable students to dynamically interact with the shapes in a way that is only possible with technology.

You could embed the web links as before so when you click on the image you are taken to the web page, or you could use the browser widget.

Select widgets, the browser widget is the first in the list, click on the arrow to place it on the page. Copy and paste the URL into the address box; make sure you are in ‘play mode’ to do this.

Now the web page will appear within as if it is part of the activity.

The NGFL Cymru site also has associated worksheets. Download a copy and save on your device.

Select Media Bank and My Files, then browse to the location. A copy of the worksheet will be embedded in the Easiteach page.

You can use this technique to create collections of resources around different aspects of the curriculum and share with colleagues and support on-going professional development.

Last, but not least, The Lure of the Labyrinth is a game playing environment with a strong story line and a series of puzzles to solve based around 3 concepts; proportions, variables and equations; number and operations. Whilst the game has serious mathematics at its heart, the familiar game-playing interface will entice even the most reluctant. The support for educators is very thorough and discusses ways to get the most out of the site including different scenarios depending on the availability of technology.

Have fun using these ideas in your Maths lessons!

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