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Starting with Easiteach 1.3, activity files are accessed from the Download Center on the opening screen. All activity files that were available in previous versions can be downloaded from the Download Center. There are currently over 2,000 files available from the Download Center.

If you would like to restore all of the older files at once to your local drive, download the zip file at

After the zip file is downloaded and uncompressed it can be placed in the following location and it will be accessible from the E menu/Activities menu

C:Users*username*DocumentsMy Easiteach Downloads (Windows)

Starting with Easiteach version 1.3, you can open PowerPoint (.pptx) files directly into Easiteach from File>Open. Choose PowerPoint from the list of supported file types.

If you want to view files which were created in other interactive whiteboard software, you can if the files are saved in the common file format (CFF) or ‘.iwb’ (interactive whiteboard). Import the file via the ‘e’ menu > Open option, choosing the Files of type: CFF(*.iwb) option from the secondary menu and browsing for the file you wish to import. SMART Notebook version 10.7 and Mimio Studio version 7.0 and higher can be saved as .iwb.

Starting with Easiteach 1.3 you can open SMART Notebook files directly from File>Open and choose SMART Notebook from the list of supported files.

If you want to share files created in Easiteach Next Generation with users that do not have Easiteach Next Generation, you can export files in the common file format (CFF) of .iwb (interactive whiteboard) via the ‘e’ menu > Save as option, choosing the ‘Export file as CFF (*.iwb)’ option from the secondary menu. Browse to where you want to export the file to and name it. Other users can now open this file in different applications that support the common file format ‘.iwb’.

Select My Easiteach from the “e” menu, then Choose Document Settings and then select “Choose background image”. This will change the background for all the pages in a document.

The application automatically detects when there is an upgrade available and provides users with an alert (in the form of a pop-up window) containing a link to the appropriate page on the website in order to update their version.

The pop-up update notifications are designed to stagger downloads for best performance. This means the notification will not be displayed on each launch of Easiteach Next Generation. To download the update on demand, please visit <a href=”” target=”_blank”></a>.

You can switch between languages using the ‘Choose my default language’ drop down menu within the My Easiteach configuration tool (accessed via the ‘e’ menu or start up screen). You must select ‘OK’ for the changes to take effect. When you select a new language, the application automatically updates to reflect this and will include all areas of the main application and widgets (where possible). You can also change languages on the Dashboard, or opening screen.

Yes, Easiteach Next Generation does retain your settings (currently set in the My Easiteach menu) if you uninstall and reinstall the application on your PC. The config file doesn’t get removed when you uninstall, so if you reinstall Easiteach Next Generation it will retain the settings you previously had. If you no longer require these settings, these can be changed by going to My Easiteach via the ‘e’ menu and updating your required settings. Remember to select the ‘OK’ button for the updates to take effect.

Yes, the position of the toolbars can be changed from displaying at the bottom of the screen to displaying at the top by accessing the My Easiteach menu via the ‘e’ menu and selecting the ‘default location of main toolbars’ option. You must select ‘OK’ for the changes to take effect.

In version 1.1 and higher you can also flip the location of the buttons on the toolbar from left to tight and vice-versa by clicking the arrow buttons on either side of the toolbar.

Yes, you can import your own media into Easiteach Next Generation via the Multimedia menu. Select the Multimedia menu and select the ‘My Files’ button. This will allow you to browse to the file you wish to import. Once it displays on screen you can click and drag it to your required position on the screen. To delete an item select the cross button in the right-hand corner of the item when you are viewing it in the Multimedia Bank.

There are currently no limitations on the size of media files imported into Easiteach Next Generation. Consequently there is no limit on the overall size of an Easiteach Next Generation file.

There is a maximum of 200 pages per file, but it is unexpected that anyone will require a file with this number of pages.

Large images, animations or sound files on pages will slow down page loading.

If you have saved the document as an .iwb file (functionality which was only available in Easiteach version 3.6), then yes, it is possible to use previous content and open it in Easiteach Next Generation. Unfortunately, if the document was last saved as any other format, then it is not possible to use it, so it would need to recreated in Easiteach Next Generation.

This can be done with versions 1.1 and higher. We recommend that this should only be done by your network administrator. For complete instructions download the installation guide.

The Easiteach community site is It includes thousands of cross-curricular lessons. Users can search by keyword, subject, and grade. Users can also upload their lessons and share them with other Easiteach users around the world.

ETNG now searches Easilearn from the Download Center which is available on the opening screen.

We have been advised there are known issues with installation, if using OS X El Capitan or higher. The Product Manufacturer, RM, has informed us that the software is not compatible with these versions or above and that there are no current plans for future releases.

RM, have advised feedback received for the Mac versions are still being closely monitored though; if you would like to pass on any comments on relating to the Mac version of Easiteach Next Generation, you can do so via the Feedback section that’s accessible here:

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