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Did You Know? Linking Images to Web Pages.

By linking an image directly to a specific webpage, you can maintain the pace and interest in the activity, avoiding distractions such as browsing your bookmarks or typing in the URL.

For example – in an activity on plate tectonics, I have gathered together a number of resources to use dynamically with my students.

I have found a website that has an excellent graphic of the main tectonic plates and animations of how the plates move in relation to each other at the different boundaries.

How do I do this?

First we need to copy the image to add to the page.

Use ‘Glass Mode’ and screen capture to embed the image onto your Easiteach page.

Now select the accelerator menu, ‘actions’ and link to web page.

You will be prompted for the URL, type or copy/paste and click OK.

Move and re-size the image and add other resources.

To activate the link, make sure you are in ‘play mode’, and click on the picture, your browser will open and take you to the web page you selected.

Now you know.

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