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Did You Know? Launching 3rd Party Apps From Within Easiteach.

When putting together a set of materials around a particular topic, there are often great resources in other applications that you might want to incorporate. You can launch these applications seamlessly from within Easiteach, maintaining interest and focus.

In Science for example, when researching volcanoes and earthquakes and their relationship to tectonic plates you might have links to web sites or YouTube (covered in an earlier blog) and to add a real time dimension you could launch the Google Earth application by clicking on the text Google Earth in the page above.

To add more relevance to the current activity you can download ‘layers’ into your application from the Google earth Gallery that show real time earthquakes, the location of volcanoes and the tectonic plates. The image on the right is of North Island, New Zealand. How much easier is it to make the connection between seismic activity and tectonic plates when you can explore what is really happening around the world?

How do you do it?

Use Glass Mode to copy an image of the logo, or just use a text box. Click on the accelerator menu and actions and open an external file. When the dialogue box comes up, browse to the location of the application and the application file. You can also browse to the shortcut icon on your desktop.

Select ‘play mode’ and click on the text or logo, the application will now launch. Your Easiteach page is minimised, ready to resume where you left it. Linking applications to your Easiteach activity saves time, maintains interest and pace.

So now you know how to launch 3rd party apps from within Easiteach.

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