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Did You Know? Embedding Documents.

Did you know that any of the following files can be embedded in a page in Easiteach Next Generation?

• Microsoft® Word
• Microsoft® Excel
• Microsoft® PPoint
• Adobe® PDF
• Dance to Advance
• Easiteach
• Easirespond
• Podium
• Textease
• Whiteboard files
• Flipchart files

This is a great way of adding additional information to your Easiteach document without duplication. Here are some situations where this might come in handy:

  • You might have created teacher notes in Microsoft Word suggesting ways in which an Easiteach file can be used. If these notes are embedded, it means you just have one file, making it quicker and easier to share via email or on your LMS or school network.
  • Perhaps you have created differentiated versions of a similar Easiteach file – you could embed the support/extension copies in the main Easiteach file.
  • You might have some tasks for students, e.g a writing frame in Microsoft Word or a table in Microsoft Excel for them to complete after using the Easiteach file. By embedding them within Easiteach, they can quickly be launched, saving time.
  • Alternatively you might have some text-heavy resources that are better suited to Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF. By embedding these, students can have quick access to these and use them to complete activities within Easiteach.
How do I do it?

To embed a file, select the Media Bank icon (camera) from the toolbar and press the ‘My Files’ button on Media Bank panel. Then browse to the file you want to embed. An icon will be added to your page.

Once on the page, you can launch the file by double clicking the icon and the document will launch in the appropriate program.

You might want to add some text explaining what the file is, e.g. “Teacher Notes” or the name of the file.

You can also add your file to the Media Bank, so that it can be used again in other Easiteach pages. Simply click on document icon and again on the black arrow to reveal the Accelerator menu and choose ‘Add to Media Bank’:

Thats it! You now know how to embed documents in Easiteach and add them to your Media Bank.

Bonus! See how its done in the video below

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