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Did You Know? Easiteach Tools and Modes.

Did you know?

There is a quick way to access Easiteach tools and modes when you are in play mode without having to use the tool bars. Not only can this save you time (one click rather than three) but it is also more straight forward for students when they are using the interactive device.

Click on multimedia resource bank and set the filter by category to Easiteach items.

A range of Easiteach tool and mode icons will be shown.

Let’s take the first icon, the black pen. Use the up arrow to place it on a page. Then using the accelerator menu, select actions and you will see that the select Easiteach tool mode is already selected.

Then click on select Easiteach tool/mode and you will see for the black pen icon the black pen tool is highlighted.

This principle works for all the other icons, that is that they are all pre-configured to switch to the appropriate Easiteach mode or tool.

When you select ‘play mode’ and click on the black pen icon, it switches to the black pen just as if you had selected it from the menu bar, but much quicker.

How could you use it?

Using this combination, you can switch between using a pen and writing text using the on-screen keyboard, perhaps during a brainstorming activity, creating a mindmap of ideas.

Create text with students and then use the cloze tool to remove words and add them to the word wallet. Add additional words to the word wallet and then explore how the meaning of the text can be altered by selecting different words from the word wallet.

When using curtain reveal or spotlight mode, place the relevant icons on the previous page. Before advancing the page, click on the relevant icon, this will switch on the relevant mode and you can then use it to full effect on your chosen activity.

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