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Maths Ideas – Secondary

There are so many great resources freely available to support the teaching of Maths, we’ve shared some via Twitter @easiteachau. Here are some ideas for how to use them within Easiteach.

Khan Academy provides free videos and practice questions on a wide range of maths topics at different levels, most suited to secondary. The knowledge maps are an interesting visual representation of…

Did You Know? Launching 3rd Party Apps From Within Easiteach.

When putting together a set of materials around a particular topic, there are often great resources in other applications that you might want to incorporate. You can launch these applications seamlessly from within Easiteach, maintaining interest and focus.

In Science for example, when researching volcanoes and earthquakes and their relationship to tectonic plates you might hav…

Top 10 Tips for Cloze Activities

A cloze activity contains sentences with missing words. Instead of words, there are blanks where the words should be.

This post explains how to create a cloze activity in Easiteach and suggests ten tips you could use to get more out of the activity.

Basic tools
Cloze Tool

Click on the cloze button to activate it. The cursor will update to show that the cloze tool is active.

Did You Know? Embedding Documents.

Did you know that any of the following files can be embedded in a page in Easiteach Next Generation?

This is a great way of adding additional information to your Easiteach document without duplication. Here are some situations where this might come in handy:

You might have created teacher notes in Microsoft Word suggesting ways in which an Easiteach file can be used. If…

Did You Know? Easiteach Tools and Modes.

Did you know?

There is a quick way to access Easiteach tools and modes when you are in play mode without having to use the tool bars. Not only can this save you time (one click rather than three) but it is also more straight forward for students when they are using the interactive device.

Click on multimedia resource bank and set the filter by category to Easiteach items.


Did You Know? Linking Images to Web Pages.

By linking an image directly to a specific webpage, you can maintain the pace and interest in the activity, avoiding distractions such as browsing your bookmarks or typing in the URL.

For example – in an activity on plate tectonics, I have gathered together a number of resources to use dynamically with my students.

I have found a website that has an excellent graphic of t…

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